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How to coordinate plugins and automation for instrument tracks transformed to audio

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asked Aug 6, 2020 in Studio One 5 by arthurzatarain (1,700 points)

 prefer to transform instrument tracks to audio and then work with the audio as if it were a regular recording. This saves computer resources and simplifies mixing. However, any work done with plugins and automation on the audio track is lost when the track is transformed back to instrument (as when revising a midi track). I have tried a few workarounds, such as having duplicate sets of audio and bus tracks for each instrument track. The additional tracks are provided audio via sends from the transformed audio tracks. The additional tracks contain the plugins and automation. This is not convenient and is error prone. I would like a way to have a permanent relationship between the instrument track and its associated audio track. That way a change of plugin settings and automation to either one will be linked to the other one regardless of how many transforms occur between instrument and audio.

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answered Aug 21, 2023 by fschmidt (6,170 points)
Is this a bug? If I transform an instrument track to an audio track (without rendering the inserts)

the inserts seem to stop working - at least the automation of inserts

does no longer move any faders insdie the plugins...