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Odd behavior when transforming instrument to audio track

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asked Sep 26, 2020 in Studio One 5 by dondixon1 (220 points)
So this morning, I was doing what I thought was pretty routine in SO4, but on version 5, I am seeing some odd behavior.  So I have an instrument track is feeding sidechain into a compressor on another channel.  When I transform the instrument to audio and only select "preserve instrument track state" and "remove instrument", it creates the audio, but also creates an FX channel.  It gets even more odd, and it seems like this is a bug.  If I hit ctrl-z afterward, it reverts back to MIDI, deletes the FX channel, but also removes my sidechain feed into the compressor.  This seems to only happen if I have my send turned on.  Anyone have an explanation?

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answered Sep 26, 2020 by dondixon1 (220 points)
I have narrowed this behavior down further.  On the channel that I am transforming that has sidechain feeding to the compressor, there is another send that is enabled below it that says "None".  If I remove that send before transforming the audio, it does not create the FX channel.