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Studio One 5 and OBS studio

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asked Aug 10 in Studio One 5 by davidspencerbarker (310 points)
Hi Everyone
How do I  record  my Studio One 5 Pro to OBS studio,?
Only I like to make videos  show my friends how I'm making music etc.Not been using Studio One 5 long

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answered Aug 21 by tobiasschmied (670 points)
selected Aug 21 by davidspencerbarker
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For me the easiest way is to use the app loopback. That app allows you to create one (or more) audiochannels. That one you can then feed into your OBS and then you just do a Screen Record (or Window, but then you don't see any VST's).

Hope that helps you out. There are some tutorials on youtube how you set up loopback.