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Using 32.4.2 for Stream mix to xSplit for broadcasting. HELP

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asked May 12, 2017 in Ai Mixers by frankcarentz1 (150 points)
Hey everyone. Recently acquired a 32.4.2ai Board. And its amazing!

I am having some difficulty with routing tho and am wondering if may it is not possible to do. I've search and attempted every solution I have read and still nothing is working.

I want to take the PC's music (ie pandora) feed it to the board. Mix it with the mic and send the mixed results (FX and all) back to the computer for xSplit to broadcast.

Currently I can hear the PC's music in my headphones, as monitored via the boards headphone jack.
I can hear my mic and control the mix. In the headphones (again, attached to the board) everything sounds great!

However, when I select the Presonus FireStudio as my Audio source in xSplit I get nothing.

This has forced me to set the Audio source for xSplit to my PC default sound card.
I then open two Virtual Lines

Line 1: PC Sound card  TO Presonus
Line 2: Presonus to VL1

I then set xSplit audio to my PC and the Mic Input to Virtual Line 1.

Now my broadcast has both the music from the PC and the board as a mic input. and it works fine. The issue is, I have NO idea what the levels in the Stream actually are as far as the music thats playing as that is controlled by my PC volume. So what I am hearing in my headphones via the board is representative of what is actually being broadcast.

I have been beating my head against this wall for over a week now and I really need some assistance. Or someone to tell me that it's not possible and here's a better way.

Obviously these technologies are used for live broadcasting quite often, apparently implemented by people smarter than  myself. So any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


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answered May 19, 2017 by Michael Martin (89,010 points)
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Your question is a bit more involved than I can answer.

Please submit a Support Ticket from your account. Support will be able to help you further.