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my clave ya esta siendo utilizada por mi vendedor

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asked Aug 10 in AudioBox USB by jailenegonzlez (150 points)
Hola. Les escribo porque la persona que me vendió  mi Audiobox itwo studio por alguna razón registró el producto antes de vendérmelo por lo tanto, no tengo acceso a el programa studio-one. No sabría que hacer puesto que quiero utilizar todos los beneficios que me presonus me ofrece.

Me comunique con el vendedor esta dispuesto a ayudar en todo lo que pueda.

Espero me puedan ayudar muchas gracias por leer.


English Translation:

Hello. I write to them because the person who sold me my Audiobox itwo studio for some reason registered the product before selling it to me so I do not have access to the studio-one program. I wouldn't know what to do since I want to use all the benefits that presonus offers me.
I contact the seller is willing to help in any way I
I hope you can help me thank you very much for

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answered Aug 14 by AlexTinsley (906,500 points)
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This is a benefit of buying a product new. The original owner can choose not to transfer the license to you, they are under no obligation to do so, if they are using the software and even upgraded it, the original license stays with them. 

As the product is used, you are now the new 2nd (or later) owner of the hardware, we are not obligated to provide this to you, nor can we demand the previous owner transfer the license to you. 

You have a few options:

  • Purchase a license of Studio One from the web shop
  • Use Studio One Prime (Free in your account)
  • Use another DAW