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Midi Feedback from CC Lanes

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asked Dec 26, 2023 in Studio One 6 by viswachakravarthy (2,790 points)

Motorized faders should receive current value from CC lane of the selected track and update position of the faders accordingly.

will be very good for keeping track of modulation, expression, and volume CCs

In some posts, they say it's not possible because in the protocol, fader position is not sent. 

Someone did it on Cubase with 3rd party software: Dennis Braunsdorf - Motorized Faders Follow MIDI CC - YouTube

Some hybrid setup including the current implementation of learned controllers (in the device page) and midi cc output from selected track could work.

The learned controllers no longer work as instrument CC inputs, but they work for focus and global links. (Including reposition of faders when changing plugins (transmit value) so its technically should be possible (even if the controller is in midi mode)

Perhaps, the learned controllers pass through midi into the instrument, when the track is playing/recording studio one can send midi back to the device (using the same way "transmit option" works now)

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