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What cables do i need for a Audiobox 96 speakers

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asked Aug 12 in AudioBox USB by steveriley4 (120 points)
I have just brought a AudioBox USB 96 and want to plug the unit in my Pc so i can use the Speakers that are already plugged in the Pc, what type of cable do i need, I'm going to buy a XLR - XLR cable so i can plug in my ZINGYOU Condenser Microphone ZY-007 into the AudioBox, but i need to know which type of cable i need to plug into the audiobox sockets and then into the Mic on the Pc, is this how it works, or does the cable go straight to the speakers, i'm confused



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answered Aug 12 by ryanm1 (7,190 points)
I don't think that will work, you'll need to pick up some cheap external monitors.