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audiobox usb 96 will not initialize.

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asked Nov 19, 2020 in AudioBox USB by robbytrammell (140 points)
i have tried many things to troubleshoot. my drivers are up to date and everything was working fine at first but then studio one stopped reading any input from my interface. I even tried a new cable and nothing seems to work, i finally got it to pop up as an option but now it says it will not initialize

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answered Jan 1, 2021 by jayryan1 (140 points)

if you were having same issue as me... here it goes...

I just unpacked the Audiobox and downloaded the software.  I installed as instructed.  Opened Studio One, and during its startup error initializing audiobox and recording is disabled (more or less).

Your Windows Settings:

Check your input and output advanced settings and make sure they are both 44.1khz _ 24 or 16bit is your choice, but Studio One and Windows have to clock on the same sample rate as one another; and the input and output bit-rates have to match one another.  You can rename your input and output there as well.

Your Presonus Settings:

Now open Studio One.  It may not initialize, ignore that.  

Once in Studio One, go to it's Audio Settings button and select Audiobox as your device, NOT Windows Audio.   I will not say that this is how it is recommended to be set up, but it absolutely solved my issue.