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Have a good live room mix but recording that mix sounds awful. Can we use Studio One to create a second 'recording' mix?

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asked Aug 14, 2020 in Studio One 5 by robertseiboth (180 points)
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Hello, I do the video recording for a small church which uses a lot of live music during the service. In the room, the mix sounds great, but recording it is a totally different sound. I thought I saw / read someplace that it is possible to use the capture software to get our StudioLive 32S audio into a computer in real time and feed the individual channels in to Studio One to be able to apply a different, more recording friendly mix. Is this actually possible and if so, what reference information should I be looking at to try and make this happen? If anyone has any other options or opinions, I would appreciate hearing them.

Currently we've just been recording and releasing an hour or so after the service ends to make it available on YouTube, but are shooting to do this live streamed if possible.

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answered Aug 14, 2020 by djmogovan (1,150 points)
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Yes there are plenty of people doing this

You should theoretically be able to connect your mixer to your computer via USB and voila, you have all of your church inputs/channels duplicated into your computer which you can then route into your DAW (studio one), then route into your video switcher all real time live.

Lookup 'livestream with DAW' or similar on youtube. BallastMedia has great videos and even Churchfront.

You can even look up Luke's template (from Bethel) that they sell for $400-500. You could even do it with the Sunday Live template for $60 if you have Logic Pro.