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Is Studio One 5 software with presonus sphere complete like the one sold alone?

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asked Aug 14 in PreSonus Sphere by kamaleid (220 points)
Hello. Studio One's wonderful brilliant team that dazzles us with everything new and serves us and thank you
I have a question about the monthly rental presouns sphere that Studio One5 Professional comes with with Presouns Space? Is the professional version the same as the one sold in full, i.e. with complete accessories? Or is it different from the one sold alone because I want to rent on a monthly basis with the program, but I am hesitating not to clarify the program whether it is complete or not?
Even though I own Studio One 5 Artist.

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answered Aug 15 by blakealbinson (1,490 points)
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Yes, the Studio One 5 that comes with Sphere is the full Professional version. And it comes with a ton of other add ons that the stand-alone doesn't, like samples, effect plugins, etc.