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Audio engine not starting in Studio One 5

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asked Aug 22, 2020 in Studio One 5 by christopherczajka (240 points)
Sometimes when I open a project in Studio One 5 (currently version, the audio engine never starts. The performance meter at the bottom of the main window shows ZERO processing activity, and playback will not begin. I believe this began with the SO5 upgrade, though it may have started happening when I was using version 4. Some things I've noticed about the phenomenon:

- This happens maybe 20% of the time I try to start Studio One.

- Songs take a very long time to both open and close whenever the issue occurs. On the order of 30-40 seconds for empty templates with no audio, a few plugins, and one soft synth (which take 2-3 seconds to load when things are working fine).

- Closing a song while keeping SO open (via the Ctrl+W command) still takes a long time to close back to the file selection screen.

- When initially opening SO, the loading screen seems to pause at "Switching to device Universal Audio Thunderbolt" for a while whenever the problem occurs. This line comes right after "Starting Audio Engine".

- Closing SO and restarting it does not seem to fix the issue. The computer needs to be rebooted entirely.

My system is Windows 10 64-bit, Intel 9700K, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, with Studio One loading from a NVM solid state drive. My audio interface is a Universal Audio Apollo X4, which is a Thunderbolt 3 interface. I also have a Fractal Audio Axe FX 3 connected to my system, which can operate as an audio interface but is not being used as such.

Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance!

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