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Bug in Studio One 5.3: Creating Popping Sounds When Looping in Arranger

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asked Sep 1, 2021 in Studio One 5 by dennisschwachhofer (1,280 points)
Hi everyone, I encountered a bug when trying to cut loop-able samples with loop points in Studio One 5.3.

I have a sample and duplicate it in the arranger by pressing "D". I then create a loop in the arranger with exactly the same length of one of those samples and move the loop to the right so it covers the middle to end and of the first sample and the start to middle of the duplicate. If I enable the loop and press play I can hear a popping sound when at the loop-end/start.

As I have duplicated the sample, the waveform is exactly the same at the loop start and end point, so there should be no popping sounds there. In Studio One 5.0 everything is fine, but in 5.3 there are pops.

I'm using 5.0 in the meantime but it would be nice to get this fixed for the next versions.


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