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do I need to reinstall through sphere after cancelling with splice?

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asked Aug 22 in PreSonus Sphere by uzsxdvli (150 points)
I recently downloaded Studio One 5 pro through Splice. Then I learned about sphere!!! Sphere is the much better option so I cancelled my splice purchase prior to the “3 days free” had ended so I wouldn’t get billed. Then I joined/purchased sphere.  Do I need to reinstall through sphere and delete my download through splice or can I just get a new product key?? I have satellite internet and it took a full day to download!!!

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answered Aug 24 by johnblais2 (2,120 points)
selected Aug 25 by AlexTinsley
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Hi! Thanks for reaching out!

You should not have to reinstall Studio One 5. You might have to reach out to Splice so they can help you remove their activation software. Once that is done, all you have to do is activate Studio One 5. If you are not automatically prompted when opening the program, go to the Studio One menu - studio one - activation and select "activate using PreSonus Sphere". Please note Studio One 5 does not require a key to activate with PreSonus Sphere, just an internet connection and your login credentials.

I hope this helps!