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Color and visual improvements by allowing users to customize the interface

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asked Aug 23, 2020 in Look and Feel by davidservello (640 points)

Please add the following for an enhanced user experience:

A) In settings, a drop-down of UI different themes which are pre-designed by Presonus. Each pre-designed theme might have both a different UI color scheme and different design for UI elements as well (mixer sliders, knobs, etc). MOTU Digital Performer has this feature and it makes the user experience much more enjoyable.

B) If the user does not like the list of pre-designed themes, then allow for a feature where the user can create their own UI themes similar to Reaper.

C) Finally, to tie all of these visual elements together for maximized user experience please:

  1. create an pre-existing swatch pallete which is more organized for colorizing tracks and channel strips that what is currently there. EX: Different Shades of Blue in one row, Reds in the next etc
  2. Have the swatch pallet contain colors which are not as harsh and work better with each other
  3. Allow the user to customize their own swatch palette by clicking a small button in the palette pop up. A system color picker pops up and then they can add any color of their choice to the palette, essentially customizing their own palette.
  4. If number 3 is not the way a user wants to work, then allow the user to apply the color directly to the track or mixer channel strip from a color picker, and not the palette. This allows the user to work in multiple ways.

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answered Aug 24, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (254,840 points)
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answered Jan 8, 2021 by patrickhuitema (2,440 points)

I bypass this "lack of PreSonus development" by using Studio One 5+ colour toolbar script.

Colourtoolbar small version:

Colourtoolbar large window: