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How do I get all three of my Quantum 2626's to show up in Studio One 5 so I can have 24 input channels?

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asked Aug 25 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by timwhalen1 (120 points)
I have three Quantum 2626's

Q1, Q2, Q3 are all plugged into my Mac Pro via Thunderbolt, and are synced via word clock.

Q1 (set to internal) is clock out to Q2
Q2 (wordclock) = clock in from Q1, and clock out to Q3
Q3 (wordclock) = clock in

Do I need to create an aggregate device in order for them all to show up as input options in Studio One 5?

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answered Aug 30 by walkintheseshoes (940 points)
Can you get 2 units to show up?
I don't have an issue with 2 units showing up even without selecting wordclock for 1 of the units.
I use cakewalk btw not studio one