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How do I get VST3 plugins to show up in Studio One 5 Professional on Mac M1?

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asked Aug 8, 2022 in Studio One 5 by Guitarman89 (180 points)

I've tried putting the VST3s in various directories, rescanning, resetting blocklist, opening Studio One in Rosetta(which actually made them show up in the scan, but no dice when it comes to the instrument library). 

I've done everything except do a fresh install of Studio One, but would rather avoid doing this as this should be a fairly easy problem to fix, I'm likely just overlooking something. This is the current directory the plugins are in:


Thanks in advance for the help!


2 Answers

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answered Sep 2, 2022 by mykidbrother (350 points)
I am having the same issues. Studio One 5.5.2 Mac OS 11.6.1 MacBook Air (M1, 2020)

None of my VSTs will scan. All of my sessions containing VST's say that the devices are missing. I went to the mac folders to verify that they were actually installed, and they were. I chose to point the vst folder just to make sure it was connected and reading the right one. That still has not worked. All of my Waves plugins only show up on AU and not VSTs for example.

Has anyone figured this out? Is there an older version that we can downgrade to?
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answered Sep 29, 2022 by scissorkicks (420 points)
Same here - just got an M1 Pro Macbook Pro. All plugins are installed and present in the plugin folders. Scan goes through but many of them don't appear. Some are only AU in Studio One, some are only VST2. A couple just will not scan and are always blacklisted. These are plugins from Izotope and Plugin Alliance, so not some funky ones from a fly-by-night dev.

I've tried resetting plugin settings, manually setting the plugin folders in S1, resetting blocklist, reinstalling plugins, reinstalling S1... no joy. Driving me absolutely potty.

Conversely, Ableton Live sees *all* the plugins in the folders it's pointed to, and Logic and Pro Tools have no issues with Audio Units or AAX respectively.

Any ideas anyone? Going mad here. Cheers!