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Transfer tempo track from scratch pad to main track

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asked Aug 30, 2020 in Studio One 5 by normanyoung2 (780 points)
I've been experimenting with the scratch pad, but it seems that when you drag the tracks into the main working area, the TEMPO track doesn't move with them.  I can see that this might not always be desirable, but the option should be there surely?
OK, I've discovered that I can copy the tempo data in the scratch pad and paste it, but I'd like the option of pasting it with the midi note data.

Is this possible?  There isn't any reference to this in the manual.

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answered Aug 30, 2020 by jackchicago (1,840 points)

Yes. Was looking for "Tempo Follows Events" toggle today . Couldn't find it . Haven't tested whether "Automation Follows Events" carries from Scratch Pad to Main Arrangement either , but that's the function we want for Tempo Automation  smiley