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Extreme visual lag running Studio One 3 on Mac Big Sur

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asked Mar 6, 2021 in Studio One 5 by josephwellman (120 points)

Audio playback is totally normal, but every visual aspect of S1 playback (mixer meters, playback marker, the bar/second counter) is lagging miles behind where the audio is. All other features work as normal, just an extremely frustrating slowness to all audio viz.

I've tried resetting my NVRAM. I've tried adjusting frame rate, block size, and dropout protection. CPU usage seems normal, (13-18%) but I'm not sure how normal that is. I know it isn't my interface or audio drivers because the problem persists with the interface unplugged. Any help would be appreciated.

Just to clarify, again I'm running S1 Artist 3.5.6 on a fully updated MacOs Big Sur 11.2.2. Thanks

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answered Mar 11, 2021 by marekbrabec1 (140 points)

i have exactly the same issue. I would like to see PreSonus reacting to this.

Cheers, Mark.