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Big S1 V5 Problem: V5 uses much higher resources than V4 on the same song - glitches!

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asked Jul 17, 2020 in Studio One 5 by gregguarino (490 points)

This is actually my friend's problem, not mine. But I have definitely decided to put off upgrading until this problem is addressed. 

He is a relatively new S1 user, but a very experienced producer on other platforms. Loves S1 4.5, bought it on my (indirect) recommendation. Just upgraded to 5. Now the same song that barely taxed his computer at all in 4.5 uses so much computer power that it glitches, even with high buffer settings. He did another similar experiment, with two identcal songs. 4.5 works fine. 5 glitches. 

Sorry for the incomplete info. I can get more details. I am asking mostly because I was considering upgrading but will now hold off until I get some reassurance that this will not happen to me as well. 

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answered Jul 17, 2020 by ronzabrocki (560 points)
edited Jul 17, 2020 by ronzabrocki
I have been using 4.6 for a year or so. Solid as a rock. By the way, using a 16 core 128 gigs of ram killer pc. Upgraded to S1 5... Glitchy, klunky, dropouts on editing. Same project in 4... No problems can go up to 100 tracks and TONS of plugins and virtual instruments, not a glitch. Low usage. But with only 16 stero tracks and a few plug ins, it just turns to zipper noise.
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answered Jul 18, 2020 by markbeling (1,110 points)
Yep, I agree. This version has just been issues for me since i upgraded... cannot get through a few hours without having to using a mac pro and Mojave. Now suddenly Pipeline does not want to work . I load up a new track in studio one 4.6.2 and perfect....what have they broken here?
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answered Jul 24, 2020 by jaysalam (200 points)
Adding my frustration to this. iMac 32 gB ram, OS 10.13.6. I have been using S1 v4.6 for quite a while now. I am an old S1 user, starting with S1 v2. I could not be more disappointed. This is the worst excuse for an upgrade in my ever experience. I have tested a lot of beta versions of various things and NEVER had anything close to total garbage as this version. If Presonus is looking for someone to write cleaner code, my next door neighbor's 12 year old could do a better job. I am back to S1 v4.6.

What good are new features if the entire software sucks. Why does it use 3 times the ram just loading it in and then crash after an hour or two of use. What a joke on me! They got my very hard earned money.
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answered Jul 28, 2020 by jonasoberressl (1,570 points)

I totally agree guys... V5 is a mess.
I get up to 100% more CPU load than in V4.6... no matter 3rd party plugins or presonus plugin the whole DAW and individual plugins use way more CPU!!!

i cant even play some of my old projects as they sit at around 60-70% in V4.6 and completey kill my machine in V5... constant glitches, graphic errors and crashes... pretty UNUSABLE!!

Here is are screenshots of my last test (the all play out pretty much the same ), same machine, same settings...:

V4.6 (no 3rd-party stuff): tested with 1audio (x16) loop and a bunch of S1-plugins




Back to 4.6 for now

(no) Cheers J

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answered Jan 8 by RToon (780 points)
Listen to your users/customers presonus!  Don't make us the testers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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answered Mar 23 by davidjenkins3 (310 points)
I'm having problems now 5.2 the build from March 5 2021 with slow startup, songs opening slowly, songs closing slowly, and when saving.