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I am a Cubase user, is it worth the investment?

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asked Sep 12 in StudioLive Series III by levivasquez (190 points)
Quick question if anyone can be bluntly honest with me. I want to purchase the mixer (32 series) but is it worth it for me as I am a Cubase user? I keep reading about (lack of) compatibility? Or will I have to look elsewhere? I don't want to hand over my cash and find out that I have made a mistake? I don't mind either a Yes/No answer from any soul out there, especially the ProSonus Team. Regards

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answered Sep 17 by jonnydoyle (340,680 points)
selected Sep 21 by levivasquez
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You can use the Logic MCU mode with Cubase, however, there is no specific integration with Cubase as all DAWs implement MCU protocol differently. You should have basic functionality with faders and transport control within Cubase.

As for an interface it will work just fine.
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answered Sep 21 by levivasquez (190 points)

Thank you for your answer, ok I'm good with that. Let's buy it.