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Has anyone set up an Artiphon Orba to work with Studio One 5?

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asked Sep 13, 2020 in Studio One 5 by douglasgrant1 (130 points)
I have Studio One 5 version 5.02.
I just purchased an Artiphon Orba as a midi instrument. (I'm a newbie).
I hooked the Orba to my PC via USB
I opened SO5 and added a new instrument. Put in the mfg, name, Receive from (artiphon Orba Midi came up in the drop-down) and I selected all channels.

I pulled in to a new track, the instrument Impact XT
The pre-record was armed.
I hit record and it make wavelengths on the track, but when played back, there is nothing.

I was really wanting to do, like they did in their demos, and assign sounds from SO5, which is why I bought the DAW etc.

It is hooked up directly to USB, which I believe is correct. I also noticed that if I didn't have it turned on, and I tried to add it as an instrument, the drop-down would not show me the "Artiphon Orba Midi," choice. I've tried all kinds of things, but if I open up the control, and it shows
me the Orba control, touching the Orba buttons, makes certain knobs go crazy, but no sound it heard.

I hope that explains it clearly enough, so you can tell me how badly I've missed the mark. I am perfectly fine with
being pointed to a video or PDF to research this, but at this point, not knowing enough about SO5, I'm not sure what
I'm doing wrong.

Thank you.

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