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adaptiv grid with time value "bars" is not working always with the grid value 1/2

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asked Feb 27, 2016 in Studio One 3 by Michael1985 (12,700 points)
When I work with 1/2 grid value (half a  bar), it snaps with the selection tool at higher zoom levels right but if I zoom in and subdivisions appear, it snaps to the grid of 1/8. So the zoom level makes also the snapping which cannot be avoided... it is not everytime, but often.

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answered May 4, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (200,340 points)
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This is working as intended.Please check out the section of the Studio One Manual.

Tool and Event Snapping
Snapping allows editing actions to occur only at specified divisions in time (such as bars and beats), making editing easier
when working with tempo-specific material. For instance, Snapping makes it possible to rearrange specific beats from a
bar of a drum loop while keeping the rest of the loop in time. Snap is engaged by default and can be disengaged by clicking
on the Snap to Grid button. You can also temporarily defeat Snapping by pressing the [Shift] key while moving the mouse.
If Snap is engaged, the current Snap setting affects the behavior of tools and Event editing, by snapping the tool or Event
to nearby time values, as follows:

Adaptive The default setting, where snapping occurs at the nearest logical subdivision of the current Timebase,
based on the current timeline zoom level.

Bar Snapping occurs at the nearest musical bar line.
Quantize Snapping occurs at the nearest musical subdivision of the current Quantize Setting.
Frames Snapping occurs at the nearest frame subdivision.
There are four optional behaviors that can be selected and applied to any of the four modes above:

Snap to Cursor and Loop This option enables snapping to the playback cursor and Loop locators.
Snap to Events This option enables snapping relative to Events in the Arrangement.
Snap to Grid This option is engaged by default, allowing tool and Event snapping to the grid.
Relative Grid This option maintains the time relationship relative to the grid for any Event, so that when the Event
is moved, the snap position maintains the original position relative to the grid, instead of snapping directly to the

Also, Here is a video on using snap to  grid: