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Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo USB won't initialize with SO4

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asked Mar 24 in Studio One 4 by nickgasser (120 points)
When I try to change the audio device to the Apollo Twin, I get an error saying "The audio device... failed to start correctly before. Do you want to try it again?" Followed shortly by "The audio device could not be initialized. Check your hardware configuration and try again". Universal Audio then sends an error saying "One or more UAD plugins have been disabled. A UAD device is not respopnding (code -38)". I've tried uninstalling the Universal Audio software and reinstalling it, turning on the Apollo before I turn on my computer, doing a hard reset of the hardware, restarting the computer, and nothing has worked. When I use my Audiobox, everything works fine. Now, I can't record anything through the Apollo and I can't hear any audio through the speakers. Any suggestions?

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