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I need references for basic DAW terminology and PreSonus Studio One

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asked Sep 24, 2020 in Studio One 5 by lindsayhaisley (370 points)

I'm getting into DAW kind of late in the game, having recorded and engineered in analog studios since the mid-70s, and am playing catch-up with PreSonus Studio One 5. I'm finding that much of the StudioOne manual assumes some basic knowledge of DAW terminology, some of which is new to me, and some of which is quite different from what I've learned as an IT professional, and beyond my knowledge as a performing musician.

Can anyone refer me to a good, no-nonsense reference, either online or hard copy, which will help me to come up to speed with DAW technology? I'm not completely a stranger to the field, since I'm experienced with analog multitrack recording, and have been using Audacity for some years - with all its latency issues and 20 year old digital tech 

For instance, the distinction in Studio One between regions, selections and events is explained in the manual in other terms with which I'm not familiar, so I'm learning by trial and error on stuff I don't understand, and taking way longer learn than it should.

So any pointers to good learning materials will be appreciated. 

I learned a good deal about digital IT from the books published by O'Reilly & Associates, which are gems of well-presented knowledge in a field flooded with books filled with fluff and poorly organized information - so I have kind of high standards.

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