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New to Sphere and Presonus. Is there some kind of basic template for starting to use basic tools to get recording?

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asked Dec 31, 2020 in Studio One+ by freddodds (120 points)
I am new to Presonus Sphere but not to recording.  I had Protools DAW some years ago.   I like having all the Presonus software and plugins with Sphere but with that comes "where to start"?  Once all the software and plugins are downloaded, then what?  Is there some kind of getting started learning tract or checklist that guides you through what is needed to get started?  I understand you can't fit everyone's situation because we all may be using it differently but basics are a good start across the board.  Also session templates to get started.  Any help in this direction would be appreciated.

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answered Mar 27, 2021 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi there.  When you start a new song, you get a choice whether you want to start with a totally blanks page or, using the templates tab on the song creation page, using a template.  Templates come in all different flavours based upon your genre, for example.  If you use Presonus audio hardware then you can also find pre-made templates for your audio unit.  A Techno Template is totally different to a "singer/songwriter" template.  I use a number of Presonus interfaces depending on my situation.  Studio one will have a template with routing for a live set-up (full band).  Alternatively, like I do, you can create your own "template", alter an existing template and make it your own.  Some of my templates are built around my hardware.  ###  To create a template take an empty song, populate it with instruments, audio inputs, busses, sends and fx channels, and under "file options" look for the "save as template option", give it a "friendly name".  ##### As for tutorials go to youtube, check out Home Studio Corner By Joe Gilder, Recording Revolution, Markus Huyskens channel.  Some are dedicated to studio one and then others are recording process not software.