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THE MISSING BASIC FEATURES FOR PRO AUDIO WORK! Vote this up if you want S1 to sit at the big boys' table!

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asked Oct 15, 2018 in Mixing by jrocamora (1,320 points)
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    Needed for video work. Allows you to lock sound effects/foley to timecode. This way, if you make a change in the timing of the music, the sfx track will remain unchanged according to the video. I don't need to explain why this is crucial for a professional DAW. A lot of professionals work in advertising, and uh, when's the last time you saw a commercial with audio?

     Currently, panning stereo tracks in studio one isn't actually panning. The single control type that Studio One uses is called a Balance Control. With a stereo track, this simply raises the volume of one channel while lowering the other, which means if you "pan" hard left with the current control, you can kiss the right hand of your stereo recorded piano goodbye. There are workarounds to this currently which are... 

    1. Splitting the stereo track into two mono tracks and bussing them. This works fine and dandy but is severely inefficient and if you have multiple stereo tracks your organization and time will be sacrificed a lot, and it still shares the same problem as the next 'solution'.

    2. Using the dual pan plugin. This will give you the true stereo panning control that you are after BUT there is a major issue with this technique, which is that now your panning control is in the plugin phase of the signal flow, which makes it go through even when pre-fader is on, which would ruin any auxiliary send routing if you wanted follow-main-pan to not go through... which brings us to our next point​:

    This one is probably one of the worst offenders. Right now, sends don't care about your panning, like at all. If you have a mono track and hard pan left and stick a send routed to a ping-pong delay, the delay comes out square in the center instead of hard right, as if your track was not panned at all. So if you want follow-main-pan, too bad. You're gonna have to set the pan on the sends manually to match the main pan, or connect the two by macro and only use that WHICH by the way is an incompatible method with dual pan on a stereo track. But wait... oh, that's right dual pan is in the plugin phase of signal flow, so you can't turn off follow-main-pan even if you wanted too.

    Just so we're clear here, the mixing console problems need to be fixed not only for the tracks but for the sends themselves. Stereo audio tracks should have dual pan pots on everything that can possibly be routed through, otherwise you are harshly limited in your creative options down the signal flow. A technique that I commonly use in ProTools that is simply too inconvenient to pull off in Studio One is to route a vocal track with a panned send over to a delay fx aux send. In the aux send I have the delay with 0% feedback as well as an eq with boost in a mid-high frequency. I then send the send back to itself with attenuation that exceeds the eq boost to prevent bad signal feedback, with both pan pots routed to opposite sides, so now this delay effect is ping-ponging as well as being actively eq'd through it's own feedback. Try doing this in Studio one and tell me how it goes. It won't go well, and it will take about ten times as long to set up.

    If you have a sample of a riser that you want to add your track, right now you will just have to eyeball for a kind of perfect alignment. In ProTools you can hold a few keys on your keyboard and click the audio region you want to snap to the end of your playhead and you're done. 

I would recommend Studio One to my colleagues in a heartbeat if these problems were solved, but I don't currently because I am too embarrassed by the fact that I still want to like it despite how much it is missing. You've almost got it right, Presonus. Just fix these things and I can finally, without lying, tell everyone I know that Studio One is better than Logic or Cubase, a great alternative to ProTools, and a strong contender against Ableton and Bitwig.

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answered Jan 5 by jonnylipsham (11,940 points)
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Hi there,

First off, please make each one of these a separate FR. Then, please check if these are not already FRs. If they are, please remove from this list and vote up the existing FRs.

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answered Oct 18, 2018 by dwaynevalentine (3,670 points)
ALL GREAT POINTS! We have inquiries all the time about what equipment and software we use in our studio. I hate that we have to mention that we have Pro Tools even though I prefer working in Studio One. Give us more 'pro' features to really put Presonus on the map!
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answered Nov 2, 2018 by andysun (500 points)
I really don't see a good reason not to add all of these. Studio One should be able to do everything other DAWs can.
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answered Dec 5, 2018 by angel2808 (350 points)
Very valuable thoughts. Maybe professionals are not the intented target customer group. Looks like it.

I am in the process of recording my album and I will have to go back to Logic if I want to synch my reelmachines and maintain a professional workflow. And I like recording to tape ;-)