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How does daw mode work on the 32SX and 32SC ?

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asked Jun 6, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by deckel22 (310 points)
edited Jun 6, 2019 by deckel22
In some way you need to control the daw parameters by using the knobs/encoders of the fat channel on the 32sc or 32sx for example to adjust eq settings or isn't it possible with this boards? how does it work?

Is it like on the SL24 & SL16 -> 8 Encoders + 8 Buttons and you can map them via control link without the benefit of the page buttons of the SL24&Sl16 to map 16 parameters?

I was hoping for: You hit the EQ button on the SL32SX in daw mode and it brings up the fat channel plugin in studio live ready to control the eq, then you hit the Low mid button and can eq fit the gain Freq and Q encoders. And the same for Compressor etc.
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