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Any YouTube videos out there on creating vocal choirs using Presence XT - Percussion and Vocals?

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asked Sep 29, 2020 in Studio One 5 by roberttrede (3,150 points)

Studio One 5 professional comes nicely packaged with a lot of virtual instruments including Presence XT. Within it is the package "Percussion and Vocals".

While I have figured out (by hacking around) how to get virtual instruments into tracks in my mix, I am not clear on how to actually use the included sample vocals to create choir singing for background vocals. 

I've searched YouTube using every search term I can come up with but have yet to find a good video in which someone demonstrates this. 

Do any of you know of some good sample videos to show how this is done? If so, please paste the links to the video(s) as a reply.


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answered Sep 29, 2020 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi.  One "hack" for creating virtual choir uses Melodyne to create the BGV for you.  Play a simple melody using the vocal samples.  Send it to Melodyne and tune the vocal samples up or down to taste.  Its an oversimplification of the process and can be made better if you have a good grasp of music theory to help pitch the choir correctly.  But melodyne is a good hack for creating subtle to wild harmonies.  Good luck.
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answered Sep 29, 2020 by roberttrede (3,150 points)

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I've seen several videos on creating virtual choir effects with Melodyne and certainly it has some advantages, one of which is that the "singers" can sing any lyrics I choose.

At the moment, I am, however, specifically interested only in learning how to use samples in the "Presence XT Core Percussion and Vocals" virtual instrument. Granted, the only "lyrics" it is capable of articulating are "Hah, Huh, Hmh" but for my purposes, that would be fine (for now). At some point, I will give the Melodyne "hack" a try... but for now, I'm only looking for examples on how to use the samples provided in "Presence XT Core Percussion and Vocals". I am looking for (preferably) youTube videos demonstraiting its use.

Thanks again for the reply.