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Export Stems running in realtime - very slow

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asked Sep 30, 2020 in Studio One 5 by paulsven (310 points)
Export Stems seems to always run in real time - very slow.  The "use realtime processing" box is not checked.  Very puzzling.  I'm hoping it's just another checkbox somewhere.


Thanks in advance.

I have a 2017 10 core iMac Pro with 64gb ram running UA Apollo 16 and Apollo 8.

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answered Mar 5 by bmorykon (240 points)
Same issue here, similar setup with Mac and Apollo. Exporting a single track at 96k / 32-bit (same as it was recorded at) with zero plugins runs at "1.1 times faster than realtime" — which in practice is realtime—3 minutes for a 3 minute track. Rendering the same track in place takes two seconds. Studio One