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Cracking and artifacts with Studio One 5 while playing virtual Instruments!

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asked Oct 1, 2020 in Studio One 5 by tibifiers (210 points)
I have an issue and it's driving me mad. When playing any virtual Instruments within Studio One 5, I'm getting popping, cracking and distortion here and there, especially on certain notes and melodies and when there's lots of notes, it seems to happen more. Basically, artifacts are introduced like a bad signal or something. Or bad cabling. Everything is new.

I've tried changing buffer settings. The high setting has too much latency but still does it. The one just under that is good with latency but crackles . There's no middle ground that works for me.  I've tried many different VSTs and it's the same thing. It's horrible and puts me off when playing my MIDI keyboard. M-Audio Pro 49.

I have an Asus i7 2.4Ghz (goes up 3.4ghz), 16GB RAM and it's an SSD. I have a PreSonus Studio 26c with Yamaha HS7s.  There's no reason I know that it should be doing this with this laptop. My other DAWs were perfectly clean and smooth sounding. Zero issues. I don't get it at all. It's infuriating trying to get to the bottom of it.

I've got work to do. Please help!! What could it be? What else could I try?? Thanks in advance. Look forward to your reply.

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answered Jan 2, 2021 by tombronken (170 points)
I recently upgraded to Studio One 5 from 4 and am having a very similar issue.  I hear the crackling when audio recording.  With exactly the same setup and Studio One 4 last week, I recorded the same instrument with the same mikes without any problems, but after the upgrade to 5 (the only thing that is changed) the problem began. One additional piece of information, when I mix down the crackly Studio One 5 tracks, the crackles are not present in the resulting mp3 file--it seems to only be playback of the recording in Studio One.
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answered Jan 10, 2021 by phillipbarber (160 points)
Having the exact same issue!!! It’s driving me insane!!! I was really hoping that someone had popped on here and given a simple solution.

CPU isn’t even trying to max out on my machine when it happens...