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Studio One makes a popping and cracking noise

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asked Mar 15, 2021 in Studio One 5 by armandojaggoe (180 points)
I recently bought a brand new pc with a i7 9th gen processor and 16 gb ram. I also bought a studio one starter set and since the beginning i have the problem that it makes a crackling and popping sound. I already tried to adjust the device block size and dropout protection but nothing seems to work. My setup is Acer Aspire 7 i7 9th gen 16 gb ram, Audiobox usb96. connected with presonus headphones and eris e3.5 studio monitor speakers. When i listen to youtube there is no problem but when i start up studio one and play a project the crackling and popping makes me crazy. Someone suggestions?

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answered Mar 15, 2021 by zoltantoth1 (520 points)
selected Mar 16, 2021 by armandojaggoe
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I had a similar issue when listening to Youtube Music. (I didn't have the issue on regular Youtube.) The solution was to turn down the volume inside Youtube Music. It somehow overloads the input on the Audiobox. Can you turn your monitoring volume down inside Studio One?
asked Mar 16, 2021 in Studio One 5 by armandojaggoe (180 points) How to turn down gain in studio one?