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How can I get rid of the audio noise and static in my Studio One song?

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asked Apr 6, 2022 in Studio One 5 by s1231 (200 points)
Hello, brand new user here, just purchased Studio One Artist and need help.

My song consists of 3 tracks. An MP3 audio track I dragged-in, a click track generated by the metronome and a recording of my bass guitar. As of yesterday these 3 tracks played very nicely. But today I started experimenting with laying down drum tracks in this song using Impact XT and the Studio Works kit. When I click on an instrument such as the kick drum I hear it thru my monitors but I couldn't figure out how to record the kick drum after several attempts.

Now, after closing Studio One and reopening the song I get a lot of noise, buzzing, crackling, etc. I'm pretty sure all this noise came from my attempts at recording a drum track. On the upper portion of my screen I see my 3 tracks as desired. But on the bottom left I see 4 "Tracks". Tracks 1-3 are the expected tracks described above and "Track 4" is labeled "Kick Drum". I'm sure I created this track but when I right mouse click it I can't remove it. I think this 4th track is the source of the noise. Interestingly enough, only 3 faders (my desired 3) are shown by activating View/Console.

Can someone 1) show me how to get rid of this unwanted kick drum track, which I assume will then get rid of the noise and 2) show me the proper way to add in a kick drum track? Many thanks.

I'm using Studio One-5 Artist, Win 11, a Tascam 208i Interface and JBL Studio Monitors.

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