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Video track, multiple videos, cut, trim [Completed 6.0]

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asked Oct 2, 2020 in Completed Feature Requests by siniablagus (2,850 points)
recategorized Oct 20, 2022 by Lukas Ruschitzka
It would be great if we could have some simple video editing possibilities, something basic like cut,trim paste, and couple of basic transition that we can add multiple video clips and combine them...maybe to have a video track (on top, over there with tempo,automation, arrange track...)

this would be great for video podcast,so that we can do everything inside Studio one

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answered Oct 11, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,440 points)
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answered Feb 23, 2021 by akexlebid (810 points)
Yeah, at least 2 video tracks are crucial! The perfect path for tv industry is to have the ability to move, slice, combine videos
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answered Mar 16, 2021 by markrucci (330 points)
It would also be great if you were able to  trigger off multiple videos or layer videos with the show page. I work with a youtube musician who does big weekly shows, and we made custom scripts to work with ProTools as we didn't like the editing of Ableton. I am a huge Studio One user, and have been trying to get us to move to it for years, but the only thing holding us back from switching the whole show over to Studio One is the lack of a video track / multiple video files and the ability to recall them and trigger them (now in a show).

I hope something like this can happen. In the meantime, Thanks for making a seriously great program!
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answered May 27, 2021 by lucylyden (280 points)

Surely, it brings great convenience if we have a video editor with simple-to-use functions. For me, I currently take VidiKit as my top priority. As you said, it can trim, cut, combine and convert videos basically in lossless original quality. Also, it has the ability to record screen, capture audio, repair damaged media files, compress video, watermark and more. This video editing toolkit is nice so you can have a shot if you're in the need of it.

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answered Jun 29, 2021 by lorenzoballoni (500 points)
Absolutely essential. I really hope this feauture will be implemented soon. Please!!!
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answered Dec 6, 2021 by [email protected] (370 points)

I agree with all the rest of you on the need to expand the S1's video handling features. Another video feature would be the ability to add blank frames at the end of the video(s) track so that the audio on the rendered video does not abruptly cut off at the end of the original clip.

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answered Feb 24, 2022 by frankengel (430 points)
Agreed.  Cubase offers this for example (except for transitions, which really are not needed in a DAW).
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answered Oct 20, 2022 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,440 points)
Completed in 6.0
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answered Oct 28, 2022 by isaknygaard (490 points)
This would save me so much time. Being able to have multiple angles of video from podcasts, and doing the basic editing with the audio in studio one instead of having to sync up and edit in Premiere.