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Final verdict on recording automation to a lane while recording midi part?

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asked Oct 5 in Studio One 5 by eddieksongs (190 points)
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Hello all-sorry if this has been answered-but it seems like a basic thing to be able to record a midi string line while moving dynamics and expression faders on a controller-but I can't seem to get the controller info to record to their appropriate lanes. Am I missing something, or is this a really, really large omission in this program?

Kind of newbie to recording controller info while laying down midi parts-but have been watching a lot of people doing it w/ Logic.

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Thanks matthwritenburg-I have recorded controller info into the midi part-I just want to be able to see it as editable in an automation lane so I can go back and "touch' "latch" etc automation after the fact. My automation does not get recorded di4rexctly to automation lanes??

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answered Oct 5 by matthewritenburg (12,790 points)
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Studio One will definitely record automation at the same time it records notes.  In my example below I recorded automation for filter cutoff at the same time I recorded notes.  The filter cutoff automation was captured from me turning a knob on my master keyboard.  You should be able to record the fader movements from your MIDI controller as long as they are assigned correctly.  Also, you have to make sure that the configuration for your MIDI input device is not filtering controllers.  See the second image for the configuration options to check.  If your input device is filtering controllers, they will not be recorded.

Note: to see the automation as a separate lane, just click the icon to view automation.