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Recording external stereo sound source into Audiobox iOne

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asked Oct 5, 2020 in AudioBox i-Series by ajlozano (1,020 points)
I have an AudioBox iOne under Win 8.1 , absolutely no problems at all, this little guy its an incredible workhorse! Paired with the Eris E5 its an infinite pleasure combo !
I have many old recordings on tape, just normal cassettes, so Im wandering if its possible to use each entry of my Audiobox iOne to digitalize them using Studio One.
Im thinking on using the mic and the instrument inputs for each channel from the line-out of the tape deck. Im aware its not the best setting for this task but its all what I have.
My question its : audiobox will send them as separate channels to Studio One ?
the Left into one track and the Right into other track.
Then I make a mixdown and could obtain the complete stereo file.
I am right or I am missing something?
I known the "two monos doesnt make an stereo" rule  thats why Im asking.
Thanks in advance !

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answered Oct 6, 2020 by jackchicago (1,840 points)

"My question its : audiobox will send them as separate channels to Studio One ?"

Yes, as long as the iOne reads the Mic and Inst inputs as separate channels, which I'd assume it does !

Considering it does, then you'd want to add a Stereo Input in the I/O settings in Preferences, and create a New Stereo Track with the Stereo Input.

Of course you will have to gain stage your two very different inputs to a nice balance, so make sure you enable Input Controls and watch your Input Meters in the Console very carefully.

You can also do it your way, hard-panning the Mic input Left and Instrument input Right, and then mixing/mastering and exporting a stereo mixdown. Again , all this assumes that the Mic and Inst. are considered 2 separate inputs in I/O setup !

Best of luck, lemme know how it goes !

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answered Oct 6, 2020 by ajlozano (1,020 points)


Thank you very much for your answer, you have given me very good news about a new ( for me ) capability of
my very dear Audiobox iOne !
I will do some tests and share the results, I think this may be of interest to the rest of the Audiobox iOne users.
Thanks again !