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How to enable mono recording on AudioBox iOne in Windows 10?

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asked Aug 1, 2017 in AudioBox USB by svenpontow1 (290 points)

Hi all,

I am using the AudioBox iOne connected to a PC running Windows 10. Connected to the AudioBox iOne is a Rode NT1-A. 

I am trying to record voice audio. It does work, but only on the left stereo track.

I tried changing the input format to 1 channel mono recording, but there is no option for it in the windows settings.

I am trying to capture gameplay using Nvidias Share (former Shadowplay). Share does not have any option to change its' mic settings. So I somehow have to change it in windows.

Furthermore it's not possible to change the input format in the "universal control" app. 

Is there anything I can do?

kind regards


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answered Aug 2, 2017 by butchrichard (131,360 points)
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WDM drivers have always been listed in pairs.  The only way to use one single channel is to set to use one single channel in whatever audio software you use.  However, not all software has the ability to set to one channel only.  Ultimately its up to the software you use.

You could use a 3rd party software that may merge and or split before or after.

I hear this one is decent.

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answered Aug 1, 2017 by thomasteapole (200 points)
Hi, not much of an answer but I am in the same exact boat. I used to be able to change my microphone to mono channel and now I can't. With the drivers and software being so buggy, I'm really frustrated with the iOne and am considering selling it for a higher quality product. Let me know if you figure something out!
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answered Aug 2, 2017 by svenpontow1 (290 points)
Unfortunately I haven't found any solution yet. And I've already dug deep to get this resolved... :/

What kind of hardware upgrade are you considering?
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answered Aug 7, 2017 by svenpontow1 (290 points)
Sorry, but the software is "a pain the ***" if I may say so. As far as I have read your universal control had the mono recording option and was removed at some point.

Is there any chance we are going to see this option again?
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answered Aug 7, 2017 by svenpontow1 (290 points)
I solve it using this software: Equalizer APO. It's much more to my liking and I can better select with which audio devices I want to mess.