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How to setup Jam origin midi guitar+breath controller (bbc2) in studio one

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asked Oct 7 in Studio One 5 by rothuggu (120 points)

Hi, I have already posted this question on Jam Origins forum - but no response.  Seems like nobody is using a breath controller with studio one and Jam origins midi guitar:) 

 I don’t get how to use/setup/route multiple inputs with Midi Guitar / BBC2 and the SWAM engine…
I can easily do Midi Guitar -> SWAM ok and MKP (usb midi keyboard) + BBC2 ok - using ALL inputs - works -  But Midi Guitar doesn't register to instrument if set to all inputs.  Do you have to use two tracks?!  would prefer to hear from anyone who has this kind of setup:) -   

Info :

Studio one 5.0.2

BBC2 : (Breath Controller 5.0-18260ED3)

Quantum Tunderbolt 26X32 (Firmware 1.1.8)

Midi Guitar 2.2.1

SWAM anything - Trumpet/Viola/Sax,,

Kind Regards
Kevin Thon

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