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How to configure Midi Guitar 2 with the Tecontrol Breath Controller in Studio 1

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asked Sep 12 in Studio One 4 by blevine15 (120 points)
Can anyone advise how I can use the Tecontrol Breath Controller to control a master gain control in the Midi Guitar 2 plug in.

I have the breath controller configured as an external keyboard, and it shows up as an optional external control in the plug in. I can see the output level change when I blow into the device. The problem is it will not let me assign the controller to an assignable knob in the Midi Guitar 2 plug in when I use Midi Learn. The knob, (Master Gain), does not seem to see the data on the midi channel and the controller is never assigned.

This works when I use the Midi Guitar 2 standalone software without any issue. Can anyone offer any suggestions, I can't seem to figure this out. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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