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Assign the touch strip to modulation in Abelton Live

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asked Oct 12, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by nicolasdezorzi (150 points)
I want to use the touch strip like a modwheel in abelton live. So when Live is turned off I go in User menu of my atom sq and I select mod in touch menu. But after when i launch Live, it doesn't recognize the touch strip like a modwheel.

The touch menu has several function, so I also tried to choose CC in touch menu and CC 1 in editor menu but it doesn't work, (however I tried with CC 11 and it works).

atom sq firmware 1.10

ableton live 10.1.25

1 Answer

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answered Dec 29, 2020 by rogerbucks (220 points)
I couldn't get the workaround above to work, but did find that if I change the control surface for the ATM SQ port to None, I can use the Mod Wheel fine (albeit with the loss of Ableton Live integration).