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Permanently assign CC1 for modulation and CC11 for expression, and linking these to our hardware faders.

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asked Nov 25, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by Bach7 (410 points)
I purchased a 2 fader controller for MIDI modulation and expression data,

however, assigning these faders to the modulation and expression individually to every individual instrument through control link is a lot of work, and in some cases impossible.

In a 20-track song, that's 40 times I have to go through the control link process.

And the other day, I tried to link an 8dio library in Kontakt and it proved to be impossible because of the way the library was made.

From reading other posts, people have become frustrated by this and may have abandoned Studio One as a result.

Other DAWs have the capability of permanent assignment of a MIDI controller to specific MIDI channels permanently.

Is it possible for Studio One to have this, so we don't need to use Control link for to assign our MIDI faders for each instrument?

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answered Nov 27, 2022 by princeagrawal (13,690 points)
No need to do all that. Your purchased hardware must allow someway to permanently assign certain MIDI CCs to each fader. Just assign CC1 and CC11 to your hardware faders and simply use them while recording MIDI data in Studio One. Then, CC1 and CC11 data should automatically be populated in the Modulation and Expression instrument part automation lanes.