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My laptop has broken so I want to download the programs on my new one how do I do this?

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asked Oct 13, 2020 in Studio One 4 by annareay (120 points)
I had Studio one and a few add ons on my now broken laptop! I need to re-install on my new laptop but it is saying product already registered help! How can I get around this please?
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answered Oct 13, 2020 by wesleypeterson (14,060 points)
I would login into my account at MyPresonus, click the software tab up top. It should list the Studio One version you have. Click on 'View More Details' right below it. Under the Licensee it should have the options, Offline Activation, Transfer License, 1/5 Activations-Manage. Click on the '...Activations-Manage'. You should be able to unactivate previous installs so you can register it. I hope that helps.