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How do I remove the 40+ unused mixer channels from deleted tracks of any kind?

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asked Oct 13 in Studio One 5 by aaronread (120 points)
So when I delete a track whether it's audio, or midi from the arrangement, I'm still left with the channel open in the mixer. After 20 or 30 deletes of things that aren't fitting I am left with a ridiculous amount of open channels. I know I can hide them, but that's not helpful because it still looks like a mess. Is there a way to completely remove these without having to start my track over? I have OCD and I can't have unused things around cluttering up my process. I have deleted so many promising tracks because I can't find out how to do this. Please help!

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answered Oct 13 by wesleypeterson (2,100 points)
I've found when it happens, thank god it isn't 40 channels, you can remove instrument tracks but clicking on the left side of the mixer on 'Instr.' Then click on the down arrow next to the instrument you want to delete and click remove. I haven't had that issue with audio tracks though so I can't help there.