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How do I best interface a Roland TD-50 module’s (10) output tracks to my daw through the Quantum and multitrack record?

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asked Oct 13 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by jsakoian (120 points)
I have the options of going out of the TD-50 module with either audio usb, midi usb or (8) channel TRS and I want to track each drum individually in either audio or midi format to enjoy the flexibility of the TD-50. Going out (8) TRS seems cumbersome for both setup and mixing and uses too many inputs on the Quantum when I need to have other instruments running through the Quantum at the same time. Being midi, digital or line level TRS, I don’t need any Preamps for this either way. It seems like there should be a way to send all (10) tracks of digital audio from the TD-50 via usb to my daw through the Quantum so my computer can remain set with the Quantum as the in/out interface. I am trying to avoid plugging the TD-50 and the Quantum into separate USB’s on my MacBook Pro so I can record full band or jump from one instrument to another to track each instrument separately without switching cords or Computer input settings. I am using Logic X as the DAW.  Thanks!

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