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Plug In types in Studio One

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asked Jan 20, 2021 in Studio One 5 by brianjones10 (150 points)
Hey there, so when I open the plug-in folders the same plug in is listed multiple times with the different types of that plugin. Is there a way to get rid of the other types/format of that plugin and just show the one that studio one uses? (I believe is VST correct?)

For instance it says API 550A AU and VST. So I always see 4 of each plugin versus 2 (mono and stereo versions)

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answered May 3, 2021 by cesarpinheiro (140 points)
VST plugins option is not visible in preferences in studio 5, how can I fixed it?
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answered Dec 2, 2021 by yessinelarkin (580 points)
Hi there,

simply go to the plugin manager (String + P on a Mac). You‘ll see a dot before every plugin. If you click on that dot, so it is black, this plugin will be hidden and you won't see it anymore in any folder.

Hope I could help :-)