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Atom SQ packs

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asked Oct 15, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by aka_busker (25,620 points)
Hi.  I am awaiting my mew Atom SQ to arrive tomorrow.  I already own an original Atom and have the packs associated (MVP LOOPS) and wanted to ensure that I was not going to get doubles.  I will be using them with my Studio One Pro v5.  Can any one give me a run down of the packs/kits that come with the SQ please?  I tried to log a ticket via the MyPresonus app but the ticket got lost in the ether-net.  Cheers, many thanks.  

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answered Oct 16, 2020 by oscargarza3 (8,320 points)
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Hi, the 2 packs / kits that come with ATOM SQ are, "Dirty Electro House" and "EDM Elite" from PreSonus.
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answered Oct 16, 2020 by aka_busker (25,620 points)
Thanks Oscar.  All received today and digging deep into the controller drawing comparisons between the new atom and old atom.
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answered Oct 16, 2020 by mikahawkins (140 points)


A controller for the modern producer, the Atom SQ is designed with beat creation in mind and excels in linear and loop-based development; whether with Studio One, Live or any other DAW. The market for live-performance MIDI controllers is flooded with quality options of all shapes, sizes and feature sets. Most of these controllers can be configured to work with Studio One, should that be your DAW of choice. 


Mika Hawkins

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answered Oct 20, 2020 by aka_busker (25,620 points)
Hi Mika, i was aware of the technicals.  Thanks anyway.