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Making Catalina (and Big Sur?) work with StudioLive 24-4-2 (the version before the AI-version)?

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asked Oct 21 in Classic Mixers by andershellgren (300 points)
Where can I download Universal Control 3.2 in order to make Catalina (and Big Sur?) be able to work with my schools StudioLive 24-4-2 (the version before the AI-version)? I got the impression that Universal Control 3.2 will make this work?

School can't afford buying a new mixer, and where all on Catalina... ;-(

Catalina + StudioLive 24-4-2 = ❤️?

/Anders, Stockholm

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answered Nov 6 by mackjohnson1 (8,310 points)
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Universal Control 1.7.6 is the highest version for the classic mixers, which is not supported with Catalina. UC 3.2 will not add functionality for the 24.4.2 on Catalina.