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How can I make a midi note have a leslie sound?

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asked Oct 21 in Studio One 5 by michaellocati (150 points)
I am using the Arturia 7 B3 plug in to finish a song with a B3 part. How do I get the leslie effect to some parts of the MIDI note?

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answered Oct 22 by matthewritenburg (12,790 points)
Can you elaborate on what it is you would like to achieve?  It’s not clear what from your question.  
In general, you cannot apply an audio effect like a Leslie directly to a MIDI note.  Instead, you would apply a Leslie audio effect to the instrument that is triggered by the MIDI note.  In your case, the Arturia B3 is trigger by the MIDI note.  The Arturia B3 already has the Leslie effect built-in to the instrument.

If you are trying to create the common B3 effect where a Leslie spins faster the longer you hold a note or chord, there are a few different ways to achieve that with the Arturia B3.  But again, please tell us exactly what you would like to achieve.
asked Oct 22 in Studio One 5 by michaellocati (150 points) Leslie effect
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answered Oct 22 by aka_busker (22,070 points)
Hi.  Off the top of my head, you could run an FX channel with a Rotor effect on it.  Place an FX bus in and put the rotor on it. Have the keyboard instrument channel routed via a send to the fx channel with the rotor on.  You could then have a gate effect placed before it (the rotor) and have the gate set to key listen.  Set the key you are listening for to the B3 note.  This is an idea and not a tested workflow.  So, as much as I have described it, it may not fit your needs.  
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answered Oct 22 by cdricblanqui (7,120 points)
Hi, you can automate the leslie effect at the time you want it i suppose.