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Group the tracklist for all layouts(Recent files, Song, Project, Show) resent files) in to albums

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asked Oct 25, 2020 in Look and Feel by espenmikarlsen (720 points)
It would have been great if there was an opportunity to categorize the files / songs into groups with their own defined label. If you could add a separate category when you establish a song such as album title, job title, etc. New songs are then added to a separate folder with the selected category as the folder name in the SONG folder. This is a bit the same as with PROJECT, except that you must be able to move files between folders when you select save as. The category name can have, hide / show songs when you press the category name on the START PAGE.
With this solution, you get good organization of all the projects (demos, albums, mix work, etc) you work on.

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answered Oct 25, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,790 points)
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