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I just received my Eris 4.5 monitors, they just don't power on. No lights, no sound. ??

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asked Oct 29, 2020 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by axelpolotto (120 points)
I plugged them in (Power cable), connected them together with the stereo cables, and connected them to my sound card.

But they won't turn on, there is no light, no sound.

What should I do ?

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answered Mar 8, 2021 by jasonbenjamin2 (140 points)
Bought brand new 3/8/20, same exact issue straight out of the box, no led or power. My model has no screw fuse on the back to change out. Nowhere does it say warranty voided if opened so I unplugged the cord, let any residual power dissipate, and opened it up. No fuse inside either that I could see. I wiggled the few connections I could see and put it back together. After cycling the power a couple times the led came on and they started working. I really think its a faulty power switch, so it's plugged into a power strip and shut down from there.