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FaderPort 16 display no show volume level

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asked Nov 3, 2020 in FaderPort 16 by andrew93 (170 points)

I have Presonus FaderPort 16 firmware v3.43

using Pro Tols 2020 Ultimate, Mac OS Mojave

the display of each track stopped showing the volume level.

how to fix?



2 Answers

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answered Nov 25, 2020 by jgaryt (210 points)
In my app I have to press shift and the continuous control knob button to get the audio levels to show up.
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answered Nov 26, 2020 by andrew93 (170 points)
Thanks for the answer

Do you use PRO TOLLS?

Which button (name) should be pressed together with the button SHIFT?

According to the manuals for Pro Tools (page 15), must choose from button  BANK. But after pressing the button BANK - nothing is displayed on the track displays.